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Operations Manager

Consulting / Strategic / Management
Job Description

General responsibilities:
 Propose and prepare technical management policies and procedures by participating in the company's corporate governance project that extends across all areas of work and that requires the CEO to enhance the company's vision of best practices.
 Supervise the administration's budget to ensure effective monitoring and follow-up.
 Planning the requirements of the technical department (employment / termination of services).
 Participate in selecting and recruiting candidates, evaluating and training them, and defining their needs after their employment.
 Create and update organizational structures and job descriptions for the department.
 In accordance with the company's strategic and operational goals, work effectively as part of a senior management team and adopt the principle of “one company” to manage problems.
 Submit detailed periodic reports on the achievements, problems and failures of the senior management.
 Prepare reports for inclusion in the report of the company’s board of directors, and discuss current issues in board meetings if necessary.

Technical responsibilities:
 Selecting new materials (seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, fertilizers, etc.) based on the needs of the market in coordination with the sales department and setting priorities.
 Evaluating the prices of these materials to ensure their compliance with the specifications approved by government agencies in order to avoid any future financial penalties.
 Request material samples from suppliers to test and evaluate them to ensure they conform to the specifications on the basis of which they were chosen, and to determine their suitability to the atmosphere.
Designing experiments for materials and testing them to determine their quality and competition with the items on the market, taking into consideration testing those materials in front of other prevailing items in the market, whether pesticides, fertilizers or seeds.
 Providing suppliers with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies in order to provide them for the purpose of registering these materials.
 Register the new materials at the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies.
 Establish an annual list of materials for which import licenses are required, as well as provide the technical documents required to obtain import licenses.
ملصقات Preparing material posters and approving them from the relevant government agencies (required for each import permit for the material), in order to constantly update the requirements by government agencies for those materials.
 Review and approve the rehearsal for printing the packages and sending them to the supplier to start filling the order.
 Follow up on renewing the validity of the materials and re-recording them before the expiration of the validity period of registration to ensure that the material does not interrupt from the market to avoid losses due to its unavailability
 Review and approve the names of the materials and their description in the company's business management system to ensure the spread of the correct name of the material between the work team, and also when issuing the invoice to the customer with the correct name to establish the name of the material in the minds of clients.
 Follow up the storage and arrangement of materials in all the main and subsidiary warehouses of the company in the proper ways as the needs of the materials vary according to their nature to keep them fit for use and to avoid damage.
 Obtaining technical information or notes about the company’s materials, whether from suppliers, the sales team, or farmers.
 Drafting and preparing the scientific material for the materials to put in the technical bulletins for the materials in order to spread the technical information between the sales team and farmers, to improve and develop their technical information and thus increase the sales volume.
 Suggesting promotional and promotional materials for the sales department in order to spread them among customers and in support of the sales team.
 Request and receive promotional materials from suppliers, and distribute them to the branches of the Sales Department to activate each article in each region in coordination with the Sales Department.
 Propose and organize marketing programs and hold seminars in cooperation with suppliers and in coordination with the sales department, such as field days outside or inside the Kingdom.
 Organizing workshops with relevant research centers and ministries, and participating in most events throughout the Kingdom to spread the name and reputation of the company to those interested in the agricultural sector.

Experience : 5-10 Years
City & Country: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Education: Diploma, Graduate
Nationality: Any Nationality, Saudi Nationals, Any GCC Nationals, Any Arab Nationals
No of Vacancy: 1
Carrer Level: Management
Gender: Male
Employment Type: Full Time
Contact Information
Name: Dimple Christina